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AKG D12E microphone

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  • Manufacturer: AKG
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The AKG D 12 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. This means that it “hears” best what happens in front of it while rejecting sound from the sides or rear. The sound entry of the D 12 is bright nickel plated. The dynamic transducer with its special “Bass Chamber” is handmade. The Bass Chamber boosts the lower frequencies in the 60 to 120 Hz range. The large diaphragm provides full, rich bass and ensures clean, undistorted reproduction at high sound levels. Its shock mount prevents pick-up of impact and structure-borne noise. A compensation winding rejects hum induction (from power lines, amplifiers, etc.) and a built-in windscreen eliminates pop noise. Its unique sound established the D 12 as the world’s standard microphone for bass drum and bass instrument pick-up. the D 12’s frequency response extends down to 40 Hz, and the slight peak in the 60 to 120 Hz range enables the microphone to do full justice to the mellow, intimate quality of the trombone, tuba, or flügelhorn.

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