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Carr Mercury Combo Amp

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  • Manufacturer: Carr
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Featuring an innovative circuit design, point-to-point wiring, premium componentry, and cabinets hand-assembled in his Pittsboro, North Carolina, shop, Steve Carr’s unimpeachably built amplifiers have been top performers in the boutique amp world since 1998.

The Mercury is no exception. Powered by a single EL-34 tube, the amp comes stock with an Eminence Patriot Red White & Blues speaker and features controls for volume, reverb, tone, and boost, as well as a treble-cut switch that supplants the tone controls when one of the amp’s two boost modes is engaged. Using Carr’s proprietary power-attenuation circuitry, the Mercury’s power stage can be switched to deliver either eight, two, one-half or one-tenth watts of power, allowing the tubes to receive a workout even at low volumes.

-Description from Guitar Aficionado