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Gibson Robot Les Paul Studio 2007

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  • Manufacturer: Gibson
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 “Original 1st Production” Robot guitar in Blue Silverburst nitrocellulose, a color which Gibson has stated will never be used on any other Gibson guitar. Features headstock and neck binding which are not standard on any later Les Paul Robot as well as a chrome truss rod cover with “Robot Guitar” engraved.

Comes with original Gibson case

The tuning system used on the Gibson Robot Guitar is based on the aftermarket Powertune system, which was developed by the Tronical Company of Germany.The Gibson system uses  individual piezo saddles that transmit each string’s pitch to th microprocessor. The computer analyzes the signal, and then controls each of the Powerhead Locking Tuners. Each tuner is run by a small motor that works in sync with the bridge to bring the string up to pitch by altering the string’s tension until it is within a desired tolerance. The entire system is powered by a lithium-ion batteryhoused in the control cavity of the guitar.