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Start with a phone call (or an email) to us describing the model, age and condition and we can tell you what its approximate market value is. As a ballpark, rule-of-thumb, we often pay about half of what we project we can sell the item for.
Consignment is when we sell your item for you and take a 20% commission (%15 if over $1500) from the sale when it sells. This method of selling will net you more money, but you have to wait until it sells before you can collect. We have a minimum $500 dollar price tag for consignment listings.
Yes, before a guitar goes up for sale it goes up to our service department to be restrung, cleaned and adjusted. As well, any other repairs necessary are undertaken. They carry a 6-month warranty. However, when we sell a guitar on consignment, we make sure it is playable and put it up for sale. Consignment items do not have a warranty but have a 3-day period after sale where you may return the item for a full refund if it is defective.
We fix and set-up guitars, basses and most other stringed instruments. We also fix a lot of amplifiers and specialize in tube amps and all the biasing and tube matching that goes with it. You can also bring your busted effects pedals, microphones and other rock accessories. We don’t get into violin, piano or accordion repairs, but can refer you to the folks who do.
We upload as much of our stock, as quickly as possible, but we simply can’t get it up there. If there is something you’re looking for, but don’t see on the website, please call toll free 1-888-733-4999 Local Ottawa 613-594-5323 or drop by the store 388 Gladstone Ave. Ottawa, Ont. K2P 0Z1
We PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
We try very hard to keep the website inventory tied into the stock on hand, but most of the inventory items we list are unique, one-off, used items that must be uploaded manually when they arrive and manually deleted when they sell, so sometimes there is a bit of delay in updating availability.
To process any online transaction we require a valid telephone number to allow our staff to verify the order.
Yes. We track we track IP (Internet Protocol) addresses through our web host. We do not disclose or sell any information gathered on this site and IP tracking is no exception. This practice has been implemented solely to help prevent Internet credit card fraud.
If “Ship To Address” is different than “Billing Address” we will have to hold processing of the order for approximately 48 hours while the address is confirmed. Information must be exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
Yes. If you purchase an item online and choose to pick up it up at our retail store you will be asked to present ID and the credit card that was used to make purchase.
If the item is not available your credit card will not be charged. Due to the unique nature of items on the website we cannot always guarantee that the item ordered is available for sale at the time of the order. You will be contacted by a staff member via email confirming availability.

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