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Alesis ION


  • Manufacturer: Alesis
  • Product Type: Used Store-Owned

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Fat Analog Sound with 3 Oscillators per Voice
Analog Modeling Synthesis offers Continuously Variable Waveshapes and FM Synthesis
512 Preset Programs all User Programmable
32-Pattern Programmable Arpeggiator with MIDI Clock Sync
16 Filter Types, 2 LFO’s and Sample & Hold Generator all Programmable and MIDI Clock Sync Responsive
2 Assignable Modulation Wheels and Assignable Pitch Wheel Controls
Internal 12 x 2 Mod Matrix Virtual Patch Bay routes Source Modifiers to Destination Parameters; unique Programming Tool
360° High Resolution Potentiometers for Parameter Control Knobs offer High Precision Adjustment
All Parameter Controls “Live” and Real-Time
High-Resolution Built-In Effects for both Part Insert and Global Use
Balanced Analog I/O’s
40-Band Vocoder uses no Polyphony
Backlit LCD Screen and Fluorescent Parameter and Function Indicators