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Digitech 2112 Programmable Preamp w/Footswitch


  • Manufacturer: Digitech
  • Product Type: Used Store-Owned

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Full bandwidth effects (20-20kHz)
24-bit signal path, 48-bit internal data path
Up to 15 effects at once
Dual S-DISC II Processing
Flexible, easy-to-use effect routing
Effects can be repeated in a chain,(e.g. EQ + flange + EQ + pitch shift)
Instant module access
Multiple dynamic effects capability(e.g. chorus + flange+ pitch shift)
Programmable Speaker Cabinet Emulator option
World-class tube preamp with 8 distortion types (4tube, 4 solid state). You are now the proud owner of a DigiTech 2112, the most pow-::
Dual Tubes (12AX7)
DigiTech’s exclusive modulation delays
Chromatic tuner
Digital EQ
MIDI Merging
MIDI program transmit and receive mapping
All effects and parameters available for MIDI continu-ous control
Optional Control One foot controller with built-inExpression Pedal for ultimate programmability andcontrol
Continuous Controller insertion jack to add an exter-nal CC pedal for additional CC options