Eventide Riptide

  • Product Manufacturer: Eventide
  • Product Product Type: Used Store-Owned


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  • Stereo Drive and Uni-Vibe pedal, designed with the intuitive workflow of a traditional stompbox
  • Dedicated dual-action (latching or momentary) footswitches to activate the Drive or Uni-Vibe effects
  • Uni-Vibe side sports two distinct voices: A classic re-creation of the original Uni-Vibe and a deeper, phaser-style voice
  • Drive side delivers a midrange-heavy Green voice and a smoother Red overdrive voice
  • Change the order of your effects (Drive into Uni-Vibe or Uni-Vibe into Drive) with the push of a switch
  • Each effect features intuitive per-parameter knobs with no menu-diving or deep editing required
  • 5 onboard presets to save your favorite tonal combos
  • Eventide Device Manager app is available for in-depth editing and creating/saving presets
  • Connect a single aux switch to access tap tempo capabilities; connect a triple aux for hands-free preset switching
  • Programmable expression pedal functions allow for any combination of parameters
  • Harness the power of MIDI control using MIDI over TRS/USB
  • Buffered, relay, DSP+FX, and kill dry bypass options
  • Guitar/Line Level switch to accommodate guitars and other instruments
  • Selectable Mono/Stereo operation

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