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Fractal Audio AXE-FXII Preamp/FX Processor

$1,999.00 $1,699.00

  • Manufacturer: Fractal
  • Product Type: Used Consignment

A complete rackmounted system for guitar amplification modeling and effects…

29+ Drive Pedal models
Dozens of Delays
19 Reverb types
Totally customizable Wah
Highly customizable Whammy
Fixed and Intelligent Harmony
Shimmer, Crystals, etc.
Phaser & Uni-Vibe
Flanger, ChorusPanner/TremoloRotary SpeakerTone Match7 powerful Filter types
Graphic & Parametric EQs
Many Compressor types including pedal, studio, and opticalLimiter/GateFront-end Noise Gate
Mono Guitar Synth
Built in Looper
New “true” Tape Echo
And more…