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Kilpatrick Audio Carbon


  • Manufacturer: Kilpatrick Audio
  • Product Type: Used Consignment

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Pattern-based sequencer, performance control system and USB interface
Six rotary encoders and nineteen buttons offer fast intuitive control
Six tracks with two assignable outputs per track
Up to 64 steps per track
Polyphonic tracks store chords and CC data (6 events per step)
Playback start and end points are uniquely configurable for each track
Gate pattern function offers quick remixes each track
Multiple track select allows adjusting multiple track parameters at the same time
Tap tempo and fractional BPM setting for perfect timing adjustment
High resolution internal clock source never drifts or jitters
Swing control with automatic handling of tracks with different time divisions
Flexible MIDI and CV routing allows huge control possibilities
Bias tracks allow transposing of other tracks for oldschool sequencer tricks
Six scenes offer fast parameter changes during live performance
LIVE mode allows live performance from a keyboard
Keyboard transpose mode allows transposition during playback
Internal 2MB flash memory offers storage for 64 songs – Upload and download from PC or Mac (software required – TBD)
Keyboard split and LIVE multi-select modes allow fast and flexible live MIDI routing
Powerful arpeggiator on every track can be used live or with sequence playback
Rock-solid MIDI / analog clock source can be the heartbeat of your studio
Complete open source firmware uses free development tools – ready for your own hacks! We also have a repository on GitHub CARBON repo on GitHub