*NEW* MayFly Audio Dirty Window Distortion **Call for Availability**

  • Product Manufacturer: MayFly Audio Systems
  • Product Product Type: Brand New


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“I tuned it like I would tune a guitar amplifier.” The Mayfly Dirty Window is a distortion pedal unlike any other. The Dirty Window uses three internal gain stages, each tuned to create a particular distortion character. The result is a touch responsive singing sustained sound with easy access to harmonics. Separate Bass and Treble controls help perfectly dial in your tone. High headroom design using an internal 18V supply allowing it to take – and give – high signal levels. The Dirty Window will make you want to play lead guitar all day long. Locally made in Ottawa

Transparent distortion.
Separate Bass and Treble controls.
High headroom. – internal 18V power supply.
Relay full bypass switching with fail-safe.
9VDC input.

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