*NEW* MayFly Audio Flat Earth Compressor **Call for Availability**

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The Flat Earth is a superior compressor. It’s secret is that it’s not a clone of a classic design. As such, it does not come with the problems of the classic designs such as noise, pumping, and tone loss. It uses a ‘feed-forward’ circuit: it determines how much compression to add by looking at the signal BEFORE the compressor block. Those classic designs try to determine the amount of compression by looking at the signal after it’s already compressed.

Boutique compressors based on the old designs try to solve those problems by adding more knobs: Tone knobs. Blend knobs. More knobs. You get the idea. The Flat Earth does not need any of that. Instead it solves the root problem with a better circuit. Well, I did add an Attack control to let some pick attack through if you want, but that’s it. This, along with relay based full-bypass switching with fail safe, makes the Flat Earth the best compressor available.

Not a clone of an old circuit.
Feed Forward design.
Avoids pumping, noise, tone loss, etc.
Level, Sustain, and Attack controls. That’s all you need.
Full bypass wth fail-safe relay control; the effect is automatically bypassed if the pedalboard looses power.
9VDC input.

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