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Yamaha MD8


  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
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Up to 8 tracks simultaneous recording and playback, with zero wow and flutter and zero pitch fluctuation, and an uncompromising 20 Hz to 20kHz frequency response.
8-track, 4-track, 2-track and monaural MD DATA record and play modes, plus 2-track and monaural standard Mini Disc record and play modes.
Ability to ping-pong all eight tracks down to one or more tracks to free up space for more parts, without signal degradation from multiple ping-ponging or repeated play.
Fast and accurate search and locate, precise Auto Punch In/Out with up to 99 takes, disc and song titling for easy music identification, programmable song order, multiple mark points for easy song editing and cue-list assembly, plus repeat playback and pitch control (+/-12%).
High-quality 8-channel analog mixer with variable gain and 3-band EQ with mid sweep on each channel, 2 Aux Sends (with stereo returns), pan and fader on all input channels, in-line recording capability, stereo and cue monitoring, and more.
Balanced XLR inputs (with phantom power), phone-type jacks and insert I/O jacks on channels 1/2, unbalanced phone-type input jacks on channels 3-8, plus direct track outs, stereo outs, monitor outs, 2-track inputs, and more.
MIDI In, Out and Thru terminals, MIDI clock output, MIDI Time Code (MTC) transmit, MIDI Machine Control (MMC) receive, and more.
Part Copy, Track Copy, Song Copy, Song Renumbering, Tempo Map (with 26 Meter and 26 Tempo change events per song) and other handy editing functions.